The Nevada County Magicians Guild began nearly 30 years ago as a small group of magicians, young and old, who desired to learn magic, perform magic professionally, and for their community.

Today, we continue to meet monthly, inviting anyone with an interest in learning magic.

We meet monthly to discuss magic news, perform for one another, plan new shows, and teach each other new magic. 


As a club, we attend magic events including other club meetings, lectures and shows.

We perform publicly at regular events such as Summer Nights in Nevada City, Cornish Christmas in Grass Valley, and our own public show.

Magic meetings are held the third Monday of every month at 6:30 pm. 

We meet  at Calvary Bible Church in Grass Valley, California,

located  at 11481 State Highway 174.  

Meetings usually last 90 minutes.

During our meetings, we discuss recent magic news, and upcoming magic events.

We always allow time to perform for one another, encouraging each other, and learning from each other, with our performances.

A featured trick is often taught through a workshop learning environment.

And, we plan upcoming opportunities to perform for the public.

Most importantly, we meet new friends who share an interest in magic.

Becoming a magician is fun.

  • Magic can be a life-long hobby, or develop into a profession.  Many tricks exist at many levels of magic.

  • Magic requires discipline.  Learning sleight of hand, and memorizing presentations requires focus and time.

  • Performing magic develops confidence.  Public speaking skills, while maintaining magic secrets, all in front of family, friends and strangers, builds a level of confidence valuable throughout your life.

  • Magic is wonder-filled.  Exploring the mysteries of science, sleight of hand, misdirection and presentation leads to producing wonder for others to enjoy.

Roald Dahl

"Those who

don't believe in magic will never find it."

Tennessee Williams

"I don't want realism.

I want magic!"

Arthur C. Clarke

"Any sufficiently advanced technolog is indistinguishable

from magic."

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